iPhone 8: Apple cell phone at Aldi at a special price, but Amazon undercuts the deal


You can soon get the iPhone 8 at Aldi Süd at a good price. However, Amazon clearly undercuts the offer and there is more that you should know.

The iPhone 8 is significantly smaller than most current smartphones.

The iPhone 8 is significantly smaller than most current smartphones. (Source: netzwelt)

Are you looking for an Apple cell phone? iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 are too expensive for you, you should get one iPhone 8 look at. The mobile phone, released in 2017, still cuts a fine figure today and is available from Aldi Süd in the 64-gigabyte version from November 11th for only 279 euros.

A very good price, but the devices are used, refurbished goods. The offer still has a catch, because Aldi does not say a word about the condition of the devices. In addition, there is the cell phone Amazon even cheaper there.

The mail order company asks for a refurbished iPhone 8 just 205.99 euros and thus undercuts Aldi Süd by more than 70 euros. When it comes to the guarantee, Aldi has the edge. There you are protected against possible damage for two years, at Amazon it is only one.

at Amazon Buy iPhone 8*


at Aldi south Buy iPhone 8*


Are you interested in the 256 gigabyte version of the Cell phones interested, you can also save on Amazon. It is available as a refurbished device for only 275 euros. So it is still cheaper for you than the 64 gigabyte model at Aldi.

This is what the iPhone 8 has to offer

The iPhone 8 is equipped with a 4.7-inch display and is therefore particularly suitable for everyone for whom current smartphone models are too big. The mobile phone is equipped with a 12-megapixel camera and is protected against dust and water in accordance with IP67. You can find out what current iPhone models have to offer in our Buying advice on Apple smartphones.

However, if it doesn’t have to be an iPhone and you’re just looking for a small cell phone, you should take a look at ours Compact Cell Phones Leaderboard throw.

Current offers on Amazon

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If your information is too Shipping costs at Amazon, the Returns of purchases or Financing options looking, take a look at the linked articles.

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