Jared Leto is a vampire in the new trailer for Morbius!

Doctor Morbius is plagued with questions about right and wrong in his film’s nerve-racking trailer, which gets a theatrical release date.

After Venom 2, Sony Pictures is already backing up with a handful of other movies. If we do not know their subject for the most part, we know that the next to land in theaters will be Morbius. This one has just dug up a brand new trailer, in which we find the half-vampire man stuck in a more than delicate situation.

Michael Morbius is basically a talented doctor, who struggles to find a cure for his own illness, which has plagued him since childhood. After several years, he tries to be treated with the help of bats, which ends up giving him back strength and vigor … in addition to a panoply of supernatural powers.

However, unlike most superheroes, Morbius’ powers come with one big drawback: it seems he needs human blood to survive, in the likeness of a vampire. A moral debate will therefore ensue around the doctor’s actions, and his ability to change things, for better or for worse.

Sony loves antiheroes

Just like Venom before him, Doctor Morbius struggles to place himself as the hero of the film. Indeed, we see him fight his hunting instincts and sometimes succumb to them with pleasure. We can therefore safely say that Morbius will be the archetype of the anti-hero in this dark new production, as Sony Pictures likes them.

We also note several references to Venom throughout the trailer, especially when the police evoke a massacre in San Francisco (hello Eddy Brocke) or at the very end, when Michael Morbius jokes about the fact that he could be Venom .

A high-level casting

In addition to Jared Leto, who plays the main role of Doctor Morbius, we find in this film a panoply of 5-star actors, including Michael Keaton who plays the Vulture in Marvel productions. Unexpected cameo, we do not know for the moment what role he will play in the plot of this film at the crossroads of Spider-verse. Indeed it is difficult to position oneself on the universe in which Morbius is part, namely the world of Spider-Man by Tobey Maguire, that of Andrew Garfield or that of Tom Holland.

In the role of his fiancée we find the actress Adria Arjona (6 Underground), but also Jarred Harris (Foundation) who will play Emil Nikos, or Matt Smith (Doctor Who, The Crown) in the role of Loxias Crown. For many, the latter could be the main antagonist of Morbius.

The film will be released in our cinemas January 26th, if the pandemic does not delay the release schedule yet again. Waiting for, Venom Let There Be Carnage is still showing, and we invite you to read our critique of the movie.

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