mega incentives are coming from Cop26

There is little doubt about what the future of the automobile will be: electric, battery or hydrogen powered. However, there is an important knot to solve and Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, has hit the mark: “We need to make new green technologies more affordable and accessible”. So what will happen after COP26?

The countries that participated in the mega conference in Glasgow all seem to agree: it is necessary to support the electric car in all possible ways, so that it becomes as accessible as normal petrol cars. Already today there are not a few people who have relied on the electric or plan to do so soon; a large slice of users, however does not make the leap because of too high purchase prices.

For this reason, very soon aid should arrive “in rain” from various governments and private groups, with substantial incentives for the purchase of new electric cars. Unfortunately, exact figures have not come out from Cop26, but we know that there will be “record investments” to push the new electric mobility. At least 130 trillion dollars will certainly arrive to zero CO2 emissions by 2050, confirmed by the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero managed today by Mark Carney, a group created specifically to help the environment.

This pole includes 450 banks, asset managers, insurers from 45 countries around the world. More than 40 nations have also stated that they want to unify standards, which will make life easier for the industry and it will significantly lower prices. So something is seriously moving in this regard and the projects at stake concern not only cars but also hydrogen, sustainable agriculture, green steel and clean electricity – all key points linked together by an invisible thread. Changes in line with Europe’s will to say goodbye to petrol and diesel engines from 2035here though what we still need for the definitive electrical switch.

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