Microsoft Edge for Linux, stable version arrived

Microsoft Edge was announced for Linux several months ago, a move very well received by the user community, mainly by those of us who are appreciating this change in attitude on the part of the company, much more open and flexible in the development of its applications.

Now they announce that during this week they will launch the stable version of their Edge browser for Linux.

The browser, which has been available in beta mode for more than a year, now arrives fully compatible with Linux, with regular updates, like any other application that exits beta mode to enter the “stable” world.

Users already using prerelease versions of Edge on Linux can download the latest stable version by running the following:

sudo apt install microsoft-edge-stable

In the case of being a new user, just run the installer from the Microsoft website in this link

Most Linux users currently use Chrome or Firefox, but Edge is based on Chromium, and it may work well on distributions where Chrome is not fully supported.

On the other hand, Edge has more privacy features to limit tracking and cookies, something that many Linux users appreciate more than most.

Reviewing: It is a laudable move, although it is clear that many people have gone to Linux to flee from Microsoft, so it is difficult for them to bet on Edge in daily navigation. Microsoft has not disclosed numbers of the number of existing installations in Edge for Linux in the preliminary versions, and surely they will not do so with the stable version, but if you want to continue offering the image that it has been giving to the developer community for months, it is essential that keep betting on this line of action.

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