Microsoft Loop, the open source tool for real-time collaboration

There are many tools that help work teams coordinate efforts. Slack is one of the most attractive, but it has a lot to do with bundled messaging, rather than project management or workflows. Now Microsoft wants to advance in that area with the launch of Loop.

It is a new, open source platform that will be within Office 365. Its objective is to have all the tasks of a company or institution in the same place, so that a work team can have everything grouped together and be able to thus react in a synchronized way.

We can say that Loop it’s based on:

– Components. They are independent elements that can be edited, such as text fields, tables or lists, as well as documents attached to tasks. These components can be included in OneNote, Outlook, and Teams, not just Loop, and will update in real time when manipulated by another person on the team. The components also include a voting table that makes it easy for teams to come up with, build consensus, and finalize decisions together, and a status tracker that helps gather team information, track project progress, and always keep an up-to-date status on All the team.

They are also adding new Loop components to facilitate business workflows, starting with Dynamics 365 records. On the other hand, the third-party app developers They will also be able to create Loop components by extending their existing message extension applications, although the details will only be given in Microsoft Build 2022.

– pages. They are created with a set of components. Pages are optimized to think together and get work done. We can start small and continue to grow to adapt to the size of the ideas and projects.

– Work environments. A set of pages with a specific title, to group tasks and obligations. They are shared spaces to see and group everything important about the project. They help react to the ideas of others or track progress towards shared goals. Teams can collaborate synchronously or asynchronously.

Surely it reminds many of Notion, and it is that Microsoft wants to compete with it by offering flexibility and ease of use.

The idea is to have the Loop components already integrated into OneNote, Teams and Outlook during this month of November. In 2022 we will see the independent application already ready, but for now we can see the details in

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