Noise before the VW works meeting: There is a crunch between Diess and the supervisory board

The dispute that flared up again between VW boss Herbert Diess and several members of the supervisory board is evidently intensifying. Shortly before an information event for the workforce at the Wolfsburg headquarters, there was new speculation that the manager should have clashed again with the works council and the state of Lower Saxony. Nobody in corporate circles wanted to say openly that the CEO might have fallen out of favor. But the mood, so it was said by several people in the vicinity of the inspectors, was extremely bad.

According to information from the “Handelsblatt”, leading supervisors are said to have expressed their distrust at a meeting with Diess last week. Preparations are also made for the mediation committee on the supervisory board to deal with the composition of the board of directors. One source denied that such procedural steps had already been formally initiated. Regardless of this, and in general, one is increasingly irritated by the behavior of the CEO. From the other side it was said that there were confidential and constructive discussions on how to proceed in a smaller circle.

House blessing hangs crooked

The boom at Volkswagen has been hanging again for several weeks. Works councils criticize Diess’ communication style and feel constantly provoked by it. In view of the situation of VW at the underutilized Wolfsburg location, those supported by the manager think wake-up calls about the cost situation are appropriate.

At first he did not want to come to the works meeting planned for this Thursday, but prefer to make an appointment with US investors. VW works council boss and supervisory board member Daniela Cavallo therefore criticized Diess unusually harshly and accused him of not being interested in the worries of the workforce, especially in the current mixture of production failures and industry change. Later the manager announced his appearance. (dpa / gem)

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