Our Home Stores will close and reopen under a new name

Three stores will be affected by the change, and during the reopening on November 13, the affected stores will already operate under the name mStore.

The Mi Stores in the Lurdy House in Budapest, the Forum in Debrecen and the Arcade in Szeged have been operated by the same company, WayteQ Europe, as well as the webshops on and Recently, however, those interested have often experienced that the product range is scarce and stocks are finite.


This is mainly due to the fact that the sales focus of the domestic Xiaomi dealership is not on the products sold in the Mi Store, but rather on the service provider market, so the majority of the devices arriving from the center . Obviously, this is also a business decision, but it makes things difficult for the company operating the stores and customers are not happy with the situation either. That’s why they decided to put sales on a new footing both online and in stores.


The stores, which will reopen soon but are already running under the name mStore, will continue to distribute Xiaomi products. But the change will also bring about organizational and business policy changes, which will now allow stores to display not only the products that Xiaomi’s domestic presence can provide, but also the tools of various brands that belong entirely to the ecosystem.


The page has already been armed and the stores will reopen on November 13th – there will of course be opening promotions, we will report on these in time. The product range will expand, with Xiaomi’s moon yard brands representing a much larger offering, including Amazfit, Roborock, Yeelight, 70mai, Roidmi, Oclean, Soocas, Ninebot and Haylou, but operators will constantly monitor the market so that they can also market percussion products from other brands.

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