Retrotouch offers an alternative holder for the smart button

When the prices are high for the accessories, we all know that they are Philips Hue. This is also the case today, because the “button plate” from Retrotouch for the Philips Hue Smart Button definitely has it all. But that was no reason for me to hide this accessory from you. Because maybe there is someone out there who really likes the look.

As is well known, Philips Hue includes a mounting plate with the Smart Button, which can either be mounted on smooth surfaces with double-sided adhesive tape or, thanks to the appropriate holes, screwed onto an empty flush-mounted box. Retrotouch has refined this idea again and made it look better.

The Retrotouch holder for the smart button has dimensions of 8.7 x 8.7 centimeters and also has two holes 6 centimeters apart on the back, thanks to which it can be mounted on an empty box in the wall. So you can expand the classic light switch and replace it with the smart button. Alternatively, Retrotouch has included a 3M adhesive pad in the scope of delivery, so that assembly is child’s play, even on any smooth surface. So all options are open to you.

With the wide frame made of acrylic glass and the optional chrome trim strip, the look is definitely something different. The plate definitely looks higher quality than what Philips Hue has to offer. You have to decide for yourself whether this meets your taste in the end and you are willing to spend a relatively large amount of money for it.

I ordered the bracket without the trim last week for 23.50 euros, currently it costs 29.30 euros a lot more. With the chrome trim you currently pay 20.93 euros. The smart button is of course not included in the scope of delivery.

Philips Hue Smart Button, convenient dimming without installation

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