Robots de Boston Dynamics imitaron videoclip de The Rolling Stones

Boston Dynamics has made a habit of regularly sharing playful videos that bring out the power of its robots. Previously we could see them performing a choreography or by completing a parkour circuit.

Expanding on this gallery, the Hyundai subsidiary company published a new video, in which some of its copies imitated, with remarkable synchronicity, the famous video clip of the song Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones.

Spot Me Up, the robotic version of the Start Me Up video clip

This year marks four decades since the launch of Start Me Up, one of the emblematic songs of The Rolling Stones. Part of its significance in popular culture lies in its music video, which along with introducing the band in action, shows the band’s lead singer, Mick Jagger, with a powerful stage fright.

Boston Dynamics, the company that in recent months has published several videos that show the versatility and agility of these robots, repeated the exercise, but this time imitating the video of the aforementioned song of the British group.

The new video is titled Spot Me Up, making a clear play on words between the title of the song and the name colloquially assigned to these “robot dogs”.

The audiovisual piece presents a version of the song reduced to almost a minute and a half, which on screen divided between the original clip and the recreated one, shows an almost perfect synchrony between both editions. The camera games follow a sequence of shots traced to that of the original video, allowing you to better appreciate the movements imitated by the robots. There are notable aspects, such as the imitation of Mick Jagger even in the lip-sync of the voice; as well as some more discreet points, such as the imitation of the drummer, the recently deceased Charlie Watts, probably limited by the arrangement of the robot’s limbs.

This video had the authorization of the band, as The Rolling Stones, their recording studio and their record label are mentioned in their credits as collaborators of the project.

This robotic recreation is not the song’s first link to the tech world. Previously, Start Me Up was used as the campaign song for Windows 95 release, alluding to the then novel Start Menu.

Long ago, Boston Dynamics robots were involved in some controversial security, which ultimately ended up in a dilemma of intentions at the time of use. Outside of that, with these audiovisual demonstrations, plus other interventions, such as his recent appearance on halftime show After a football game in Boston, the company clearly seeks to patent in front of the public the capacity of its robots, which can reach profits beyond the loading of heavy objects or the execution of security routines.

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