Sales of electric, hybrid and gas cars continue to increase in Spain, with a growth of 29.97% in October

Alternative car sales continue to increase over the months. Although the month of October has been bad for the car market usually, electric cars continue to show positive figures, according to the new Anfac report.

In the annual accumulated, they have been sold, so far this year, up to 238,104 alternative cars -electric, days and hydrogen-, which supposes a growth of the 29,97 %. This translates to an increase of 76.32% if we compare it with the same period of the previous year.

Electricity accounts for 2.46% of the market share

Electric car sales continue to grow in Spain

Taking into account each engine and starting with the electric cars, In October, a total of 2,377 plug-in cars were sold, which represents a 31.54% increase compared to the same month last year.

But the market share in Spain with regard to these cars is still small, since they only occupy 2.46% of the market in the annual accumulated. It is clear that its penetration in the market is increasing and with the improvement in batteries and if its price is reduced, sales can skyrocket.

The plug-in hybrids, also show an upward trend and, during the tenth month of the year, 4,204 PHEVs have been enrolled, a 67.09% more than last year. As for the market share of these cars, they already occupy 4.81% of the market.

They are more popular than electric ones by not relying so much on the electrical part of the motor, but they are certainly less popular than their non-plug-in siblings.

Since, as for passenger cars non-plug-in hybrids, they are still the most popular among the alternatives. And it is that, in the past month of October, 17,343 units were sold with this engine.

This materializes in a growth of 32.74% taking into account the sales of October last year. The market share of non-plug-in hybrids is 24.87%, 175,810 have already been sold.

The gas cars -both CNG and LPG- have suffered falls this month. 929 cars with gas have been registered, which represents a 46.46% decrease. Its annual market share is 1.54%.

As for hydrogen cars, it has been sold a unit last OctoberWhich means that seven hydrogen cars have been sold so far this year.

Electric car sales continue to grow in Spain

In other words, alternative propulsion passenger cars represented, in October, a 42.10% of the market. So far this year they have grown 76.32% and have accounted for 33.68% in the annual market share.

The favorite alternative in the Spanish market it continues to be non-plug-in hybrid cars, although all alternative engines continue on a growing path -except for gas-.

The lack of charging points, the problems regarding the electricity tariff or the shortage of hydrogenerators in terms of hydrogen cell cars, hinder the penetration of alternatives in the market and, this is seen in the data and in how non-plug-in hybrids they are the leaders by not having to depend on this infrastructure.

The Dacia Spring is the best-selling electric in October

The Dacia Spring is the best-selling electric in October

The best-selling electric car in October was the Dacia Spring, with 261 units enrolled. Although, the best-seller so far this year is still the Tesla Model 3, of which 2,172 cars have already been marketed.

The Peugeot 3008 is the most popular plug-in hybrid of October and they have been sold 453 cars. In addition, it is also the best-seller so far this year, 3,319 new units on Spanish roads.

As for the non-pluggable, the most registered model has been the Toyota Corolla, in October and so far this year. Have been sold 13,688 units in so far this year.

And, for gas passenger cars, the Dacia Sandero it is the favorite in the annual and August accumulated. Throughout the year, they have delivered 5,611 cars.

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