Soundcore Frames – glasses with speakers can now be pre-ordered from Amazon

With the Soundcore Frames, the manufacturer Anker now also has glasses with integrated speakers in its range.

Soundcore frames as competition to Bose?

The manufacturer Anker has several brands in its portfolio. Including the Soundcore brand, which has focused on the production of a wide variety of loudspeakers. With the Soundcore Frames, glasses are now coming onto the market, in which loudspeakers are also integrated.

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The first are not anchors here, because Bose has also had Bose frames in its range for a long time. The Echo Frames from Amazon, which are currently only available in the USA, come with a similar technology. For the Soundcore Frames, Anker relies on Open Ear Surround Sound. This way, the wearer of the audio glasses is able to perceive the ambient noises even while the music is playing. The battery should last for up to 5.5 hours of music playback.

The glasses are connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and the sound can also be individually adjusted with the associated app. The Soundcore frames are available in two model variants and cost just under 180 euros. Both models can already be pre-ordered and will be delivered in January 2022.

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