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The serious Eachine EAT11 off-road RC car was discounted

It’s hard to articulate what makes an RC car good. The Eachine EAT11 maybe it’s because it’s a child’s play, but adults can have fun with it as well. Only one hobby vehicle, this is not what a real RC guru will tune, but it is not for that. The manufacturer does not disclose the important parameters of the brush motor, but the vehicle maximum speed 45 km / h. The battery It operates at 1500 mAh and 7.4V. It takes about a quarter of an hour on a single charge, and recharging takes 3 hours.

The nearly 30-centimeter-long vehicle is large with off-road wheels fitted and since all-wheel drive, it easily passes through more difficult terrain. Your remote communicates at 2.4 GHz, and up to 100 meters we can control the car with it. This range is enough, as we wouldn’t see much longer anyway.

You can find a lot of videos about this RC car at Youtube-on, it is worth looking at them a bit, because it is clear what verda can do.

Perfect for children’s play, but it is also certain that every father will try it, in vain did he take it for his son.

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