they strive to be the driver who advances the most in Formula 1

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel. They are two names that will always be linked in the history of Formula 1, especially for those years in which Alonso fought with his Ferrari against the empire that Adrian Newey he had trained for Vettel at Red Bull. Almost a decade of that has passed, but the battle continues.

Alonso and Vettel are involved in another battle in this season 2021. Less important, yes, but quite fun. They are the two drivers who have overtaken the most this year, and in the last five races they are going to decide who wins the newly created award for the most advanced driver of the season.

Carlos Sainz is third with 95 overtaking in 2021

Vettel Alonso F1 2021

After Austin’s race, equality is highest between the two great candidates for the title. Vettel leads with 102 overtaking so far this season, but Alonso is very close with 100 overtaking. It will be another interesting little duel for this season finale.

The two drivers, Vettel and Alonso, had to start from very late positions in Austin due to the changes they made to their engines, so that helped them to take advantage in the general classification. Vettel made six overtaking, while Alonso stayed in five, so the difference slightly increased.

Vettel Alonso Sainz Barein F1 2021

The ‘Overtake Award’, as Formula 1 calls it, is a recently created award that is sponsored by the company ‘’. When only overtaking on the track, regardless of the positions gained or lost throughout the race. It only adds, never subtracts.

This format makes the award inaccessible to drivers with the best cars, such as Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen. However they are mid-grid runners, like Vettel with the Aston Martin or Alonso with the Alpine, who are eligible for the award, as it is being.

Alonso Vettel F1 2021

Curiously, behind Vettel and Alonso appears Carlos Sainz in third position. The Spanish Ferrari has had to star in several comebacks, which leaves him with 95 overtaking. 90 have Lance Stroll and Sergio Pérez, while with 89 there is Daniel Ricciardo still with some options.

The record for overtaking in a 2021 race to date holds it Charles Leclerc with the 18 he made in the chaotic Russian race, ahead of the 15 that Verstappen did, also in Sochi. Later, with 14, Valtteri Bottas appeared in Monza, the race in which he changed the engine and climbed to the podium.

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