this real alternative to Dyson is in heavy fall of 40%

AliExpress surprises us by unveiling such an aggressive discount on the excellent Dreame T30. It’s a real alternative to the latest cordless (and bagless) vacuum cleaners from Dyson. We explain to you.

Dyson is certainly the most famous household appliance brand, but it is also one of the most expensive. While its know-how is recognized, this does not prevent some rivals from offering equally credible and effective alternatives. Among them, we have the Dreame brand, which is a subsidiary of the Xiaomi group. A few weeks ago, he formalized a new model, the price of which drops sharply for Single Day.

The Dreame T30 is the most powerful and efficient premium vacuum cleaner of the brand. It is at the same level as the latest Dyson models, both in terms of suction power and autonomy. However, the price is significantly lower thanks to a discount that will be valid on November 11 at 9:00 am sharp. It will then drop to 280 € instead of 459 € with the code 11AE45.

See the Dreame T30

This vacuum cleaner, which came out in June, therefore sees its price drop sharply: it becomes 3 times cheaper than a Dyson for a similar quality. If we already warn you a week before this flash sale, it is for a reason. AliExpress will break the price (with a discount + the code above) starting at 9:00 a.m. on November 11. You must add the product to your cart before this date, then validate it on D-Day. The stock will leave in 15 minutes.

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The Diame T30 from Xiaomi, a rival from Dyson

The Dreame T30 belongs to the latest generation of cordless bagless stick vacuum cleaners from Xiaomi. Since June, you can take advantage of this excellent model which will allow you to sneak everywhere – and to clean your home thoroughly. If needed, you can also convert it to a hand vacuum if you want to run over a dresser or a table.

To meet all profiles, Xiaomi has thought about a vacuum cleaner that is light (1.7 kilo) and autonomous. However, he did not neglect the quality of the suction which is at the level of the most recent vacuum cleaner models from Dyson. This ensures that you don’t have a thin layer of dust lying around on your surfaces. Of course, it can clean all surfaces including the thickest rugs.

We had the opportunity to test the Dreame T30 and we were absolutely won over. In the market, all the experts have recognized the quality of this product, especially when we also know the price applied. With the rebate underway on the AliExpress site, it’s really a cut above all the competition. Dyson had better watch out.

See the Dreame T30

Depending on the dirtiness of the floors, you can choose between 4 different suction modes. By default, the automatic mode will detect surfaces and adapt. That said, you can still activate Eco, Medium or Turbo mode to emphasize more or less depending on the zones. Obviously, this also has an influence on the autonomy of the product, which can climb to 90 minutes in standard use. Again, it’s better than its rival.

If you’re tired of using a dust bag, the Dreame T30 is a great solution. It has a small transparent tray that allows you to see the filling status very easily. It also drains very quickly, which is handy. It is much cleaner than the old bags and, above all, it is cheaper. Note that you have the right to a charging station (wall) to charge your device.

AliExpress offers discounts for Single Day

AliExpress wants to hit hard on Single Day, its alternative to Black Friday. This is the case, for example, with this eagerly awaited Dreame T30. It’s a premium cordless vacuum that can compete with Dyson. Admittedly, the latter has a stronger brand image but the quality is equivalent.

However, you have to be quick to seize the offers put forward by the AliExpress platform during the Single Day. Indeed, they sometimes leave in a few minutes. You must therefore add the product to the cart well in advance and then validate the order on November 11 at 9:00 am sharp. This is also when the 11AE45 code will be activated. So don’t delay – even return the product if you are disappointed (unlikely).

The Dreame T30 is a great product – and at under $ 300, it’s a great deal. While it is available for almost 500 euros on almost all other merchant sites, it is a very good offer on AliExpress. An immediate discount must be associated with the dedicated coupon. In the end, it therefore drops to 280 euros with the code 11AE45. This is the best price ever seen since its release.

For Single Day, this is really the perfect time to gear up. Dreame and Xiaomi are striking hard with this new generation of vacuum cleaners which come to compete with the Dysons of recent years. It is in your best interest not to miss this offer, it may not come again before the end of the year. Other merchants are not able to quote such prices on the Dreame brand.

To discover the Dreame T30, it’s here:

See the Dreame T30

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