Ubisoft wants to use blockchain for its next games

While blockchain is a divisive subject in the world of video games, Ubisoft has taken a stand. The French publisher intends to use this technology to create video games of a new genre, using the best that the crypto world has to offer.

While the world of cryptocurrencies is in turmoil since the arrival of NFTs, now these “non-fungible tokens” in good French, are making their arrival in other universes, very different from the environment that saw them to be born. For several months, there has been a market that has taken a keen interest in this new technology: that of video games. Indeed, these tokens have been at the heart of many discussions for some time.

While Valve had slammed the door to NFTs and blockchain on its Steam platform. Now the very famous French game studio announces that it intends to use these technologies to design games of a new genre. According to Ubisoft’s Big Boss, Yves Guillemot, the use of blockchain has a future and is already “very attractive in the long term”.

In a conference call about the company’s results the CEO of the video game studio developed his idea. According to him, the world of video games is in perpetual revolution and NFTs as well as blockchain technology could bring a new stone to the evolution of video games.

Blockchain is part of the future of video games

According to Guillemot, the use of cryptocurrencies as well as the blockchain should allow more players to have access to content, which would further grow the video game economy. If the actions that could be implemented by this new technology are still rather vague, Ubisoft is already positioned as a great defender of blockchain in the world of video games.

The CEO of the French company, Yves Guillemot ended his intervention on the subject by explaining that Ubisoft had already made contact with many companies specializing in blockchain and NFT and that the company was starting to have some idea of ​​how whose technology could be used in the world of video games. If he did not want to say more on the subject for the moment, he assured that Ubisoft hope to be “One of the key players” of this area, in the words of its CEO.

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