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We can also prepare a festive lunch in the BlitzWolf oven

If somehow we had to define a BW-EO1-and, then we could say that this is one non-built-in oven. Based on the pictures, it looks micro, but it’s not, since It has enclosure dimensions of 64x43x41 centimeters, so the much bigger. Or the principle of operation is different because, like simple electric ovens heats the air with a heating wire. The capacity is 65 liters, so the amount of food for the whole family fits smoothly. It’s in it bottom and top baking, air mixing and grill function is. In the middle of it an electrically rotatable skewer has a place, so we can easily make grilled chicken with it.

It does not and cannot be built. This free standing design it is good to use in a weekend house, summer kitchen, or in a place where there are no built-in kitchen utensils. It may even be used in a coli where there is no oven anyway. Simple It has a 230V connectorso just plug it in and it works. Its temperature can be set between 100 and 230 degrees Celsius and can be timed for up to one hour.

We get a grease tray, baking tray, grill grate, grill skewer for the machine, so everything important. In the summer sale of Banggood it was possible to buy it at a very low price, it was 27,000 forints.

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