WhatsApp wants to give you more time to delete the messages

WhatsApp is testing a new dynamic that will give you more time to delete those messages that you regret after sending it.

So if you are one of those who send messages to the wrong contacts or regret what they write, you will be interested in knowing the possible new function of WhatsApp.

Delete WhatsApp messages without time limit

WhatsApp allows us to delete messages that we send, either because we do not want them to appear in our chat or we want them to also be deleted in our contact’s chat. A dynamic that can save us from some misunderstandings and moments of distraction.

However, this WhatsApp feature has a time limit. Although the time is gone when we only had about 7 minutes to regret and delete the chat, a limit is still maintained. At the moment, this time limit is 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds. Yes, that precise.

And while an hour may be enough to repair our mistake and erase that message we sent by mistake, it would be great not to have a time limit. Apparently WhatsApp plans to extend this time or remove it directly so that you do not have a limit to delete the messages, as mentioned in WABetaInfo.

In an image capture shared by the medium, you can see that WhatsApp allows you to delete a message that is already more than 2 months old. So it is possible that in the future we will find that the option “Delete messages for all” is available no matter how long the sending time passes.

Of course, this will only be effective if your contact did not see the message before, took a screenshot, or used other methods to retrieve the message. On the other hand, keep in mind that this function of deleting messages without time limits is still under development.

So there is still no release date, nor certainty of its implementation in a future version of the WhatsApp app.

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