You can keep your iPhone 14 at 5nm

This goes against the rumors of the Apple A16 Bionic 3nm.


Undoubtedly, Apple’s A- and M-series chipfamil, designed by Apple, is no longer striking, but they are no longer responsible for production, but their old partner, Taiwan’s TSMC. Thanks to the close cooperation and the large number of orders, Apple is one of the first to tie up the latest, most advanced production lines of the latter, and since the development of 3 and 4 nm bandwidth nodes is very good, the use of both projected the A16 Bionic inserts due in 2022 and the iPhone 14 in the case of.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max used a 5nm chip, and so can the iPhone 14 family [+]

A The Information however, he has now heard that TSMC is struggling with 3nm technology, and it is by no means certain that the fresh node will be ready for mass production due in a few months. The accumulation of mobile chips starts a few months before the introduction of the phones, and for a while it will also increase the yield of the new lines put to work. Thus, 2022 may be the third year that iPhones stick to the same bandwidth. Fama isn’t talking right now about whether TSMC’s 4nm node was mentioned in negotiations with Apple.

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