Apple Watch as a lifesaver for an injured cyclist

In the event of a serious accident, the Apple Watch served as a lifesaver for a cyclist thanks to the integrated fall detection.

Apple Watch – fall detection as a lifesaver

Jay Dixon, a cyclist from America reports on the local news portal GrimsbyLive about his experience with fall detection on the Apple Watch. When the 48-year-old cycled through the British town of Cleethorpers, he was hit by a car and thrown through the air. The Apple Watch on his wrist registered the fall and immediately sent an emergency signal to the ambulance service and Dixon’s partner, including the exact location.

Due to the severity of the accident, he would not have been able to make the emergency call himself. It was very difficult for him to remain conscious after hitting the ground. The rescue workers alerted by the watch immediately took Dixon to the hospital where his head injury, cuts and bruises were treated. According to his own statement, he is probably no longer alive without his Apple Watch and fall detection.

It is not known which model of Apple Watch he wore. Fall detection has been an integral part of smartwatches for years, and the company has once again improved fall detection for cycling for its latest Series 7.

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