between Epic Games and China, the divorce is pronounced

After a period of prospecting in the lands of Xi Jinping, Epic Games has finally given up on continuing the Fortnite adventure in China.

Epic Games has announced that it will withdraw its flagship title, Fortnite, of the Chinese market. Since yesterday, new users can no longer join the battle royale of all records. For current players, the ax will fall on November 15; From that date, the game will simply disappear from the Chinese digital ecosystem.

This announcement is likely a reaction to Chinese government policy. For some time now, the latter has been trying to fight against addiction to video games, especially in children and adolescents. This results, among other things, in drastic restrictions of playing time for the youngest.

It’s an anything but anecdotal decision on Epic’s part. Indeed, it has been several years since Fortnite took on the role of goose that laid the golden eggs. Millions of players compete daily on this colorful shooter, which generates a small fortune in microtransactions. But in China, the situation is slightly different.

Indeed, Chinese players do not play exactly the same game as the rest of the world. To stay in compliance with the local legislation, Epic was forced to produce a special version of its flagship title. According to TechCrunch, in addition to the gameplay differences, this version would offer less leeway in monetization, and therefore less income.

A story of big money

It could therefore be a strictly economic decision. Information that seems to confirm a tweet from analyst Daniel Ahmad. According to him, the game did “never officially launched” in China; the Chinese edition would never have passed the stage of open beta. He explains that he specifies that the game has “never been approved by the government”, And therefore could not be“officially launched and monetized”. After a few years of exploration, Epic and Tencent (which owns 40% of the group) would therefore have agreed to stop the costs.

It remains to be seen whether other Western studios will also bear the brunt of Chinese policy. It will also be interesting to see to what extent this concession impacts the title’s income. Maison isn’t too worried about Epic; between her already well-established economic recipe and its marketing department which multiplies resounding calls, we can safely say that Fortnite still has a bright future ahead of him.

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