Double the CO2 price: ADAC sharply criticizes proposals from the Federal Environment Agency

The ADAC motorists’ club has sharply criticized the Federal Environment Agency’s proposals for more climate protection in traffic. A constant “bidding competition” would jeopardize the acceptance of climate protection measures, explained ADAC traffic president Gerhard Hillebrand on Thursday. “If political decisions are not reliable, but are sharply corrected before they become effective, the confidence of the population drops massively.” For the transport sector, measures were only decided a few months ago that, among other things, led to an increase in CO2 prices.

The Federal Environment Agency has spoken out in favor of drastic measures so that the climate targets in this area can be achieved. The CO2 price should be at least doubled from 2022 compared to the previous plan. That would mean significantly increasing gasoline and diesel prices. In return, the Federal Office wants social compensation.

“Tax orgy” burdens consumers

Hillebrand criticized: “The expansion of PNV and charging infrastructure is only making slow progress, energy prices are rising to new highs due to market conditions, and yet the Federal Environment Agency wants to burden consumers with an orgy of taxes.”

The ADAC does not oppose targeted price signals for more climate protection such as a full alignment of the vehicle tax to CO2 or the already decided increase in the CO2 price. “However, it does not fit in with people’s reality of life to lose sight of the total burden on people. Such massive price signals hit the population at a time when they are in some cases already at their limit and alternatives are simply not available in sufficient quantities. “

Support from Greenpeace

In contrast, support came from Greenpeace. Expert Tobias Austrup explained: “The Federal Environment Agency says the obvious: traffic can only catch up with its climate deficit if a whole row of screws is turned at the same time.” Climate protection in traffic does not fail because of social acceptability. “The horrendous climate-damaging subsidies in the transport sector primarily favor high earners, not nurses in small cars.” (dpa / mer)

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