How to automate everyday tasks in your computer’s browser

The Internet browser is an essential work tool in more and more jobs. Being such a commonly used element, there are thousands of tasks that can be carried out through that program.

Regardless of the specific activity that is carried out, if the work carried out demands the start-up of routine tasks, the execution of certain actions can be simplified with the help of a free extension for the browser.

Automa, an extension to automate Chrome and derived browsers

If it is routinely and repeatedly necessary to enter a certain website, fill out a form, and keep a personal record of the completed data, the aforementioned process can be reduced to an automated order.

For cases like the one above, Automa could be useful. This extension works based on configurable variables. Returning to the previous example, the URL of the form to be completed is considerable as the variable that determines the initial condition. Each time that address is entered, the configured actions will be triggered. For this situation, you can configure the autocompletion of some or all of the form fields and, additionally, automate the taking of a screenshot once it is completely filled out.

Outside of the example mentioned, under this same dynamic, more complex automations can be configured, with a greater number of conditions and variables involved. The possibilities can be adjusted according to each need, the creativity of the user and the possibilities offered by the extension.

Those who use or at least know the platform IFTTT, you will find in this tool a similar alternative, but focused on the browser itself. And for those people who feel more alien to these types of solutions, they can find some guidance in a explanatory video that in addition to showing Automa in action, it also anticipates which are the variables with which combinations can be made.

All the tasks executed by this extension are managed internally, without going through third-party servers. In addition, this is an open source project, a condition that, along with allowing collaborative error detection or the receipt of development contributions, also makes the operation of each of its components transparent, as a guarantee of security for its users.

Being a Chrome extension, in addition to working in the Google browser, it can be used in other Chromium-based browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Brave, Opera and others.

The download of this tool is available from the Chrome Web Store.

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