How to manage shared multimedia on Telegram with its new functions, and more

Telegram, the messaging platform rival to WhatsApp, returns to delight us with a new update full of news. On this occasion, it focuses on the new functions for shared multimedia, the inclusion of prior approvals by administrators for those who choose to enter groups and channels through invitation links, among other possibilities.

According to the shared multimedia, now we have a date bar on one side of the page that will allow us to quickly scroll through all the shared multimedia content, with the possibility of zooming in and out of the grid at any given time. In addition, a calendar view arrives, in which we have the designated days where we have shared multimedia content as a preview, and we can also choose whether to show photos, videos, or both.

As we pointed out earlier, admins will now be able to pre-approve groups and channels for the invite links they generate, thus avoiding people who can cause problems.

Administrators will also have, from now on, the possibility of establishing unique names in their invitation links, enabling better management of them.

And finally, for all users, come new interactive emojis with full screen animated effects. And we say for everyone because in this update there are quite a few new features focused on iOS, starting because the new themes for individual chats can now be used for the entire app (Android will also arrive soon), in addition to arriving with completely redesigned appearance settings.

Telegram highlights that:

Made by the Telegram team, each theme has a day and night mode, colorful animated backgrounds, and gradient message bubbles.

Much more interesting is the launch of the function that will clearly compete with Google Maps or even Apple Maps. It’s about the arrival times feature for those who share locations with their friends, now allowing to share the estimate of time according to the point where you are or want to go depending on the available means of transport.

To Telegram:

Arrival times are displayed for both static and real-time locations, so you can see how long it will take to meet your friends while they keep moving.

Also, a text is now automatically converted into a comment when attaching a multimedia, and the settings in iOS have been redesigned, being now easier to manage.

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