In Yelmo they are prohibiting something perfectly legal, entering the cinema with your food and drink. So you can claim

Go to the who it is a plan that is becoming more expensive every day. The price of tickets has not stopped rising in all these years – the average now is at 10 euros per ticket– And if you already want to drink and eat something inside … the movie afternoon can go out for more than 20 euros. Per person.

A drink at the cinema usually exceeds 3/4 euros, and you can’t get popcorn for less than 6 euros. For this reason, many people, especially families with children, consider this plan somewhat prohibitive, as it can come out for a significant amount.

Something that could be solved if you could take food and drink from home or from a store outside the cinema with cheaper prices. But wait…it turns out that you can, what happens is that nobody knows.

Yelmo’s Illegal Tactic

It has long since spread the belief that food is prohibited in cinemas. If you get caught, you go out. In fact, many people sneak it in their handbags and coat pockets – here the one who writes at some point has.

But the reality is that it is not prohibited, even if it is. Let’s talk of the case of Yelmo, one of the largest cinema chains in Spain. In these cinemas a few months ago they have started to put up posters at the entrance that inform customers that they cannot bring food from outside to the room.

In other words, something that was an urban legend that we all took at face value, now became a reality through these information panels. But really, Yelmo no one can forbid you to take your food to the movies.

Because while food is sold in those cinemas, you can bring your own popcorn from outside, from your house or wherever you like. And the legislation protects you. Why? Because it is a abusive limitation of the right of admission.

The main activity of a cinema is putting movies, not selling food. Therefore, cannot be covered by the same clause as, for example, a barWell, if you enter with food, you are not damaging their main source of income, which, we repeat, is showing movies, not selling food.

Therefore, it exceeds the rules of the right of admission and cannot prohibit anyone from entering with their own sweets or drinks. End of story.

How to claim?

If you are one of the brave -which is not to be brave, it is that it is legal- who take their food to the cinema and tell you something, you must tell the cinema employee that you know your rights and that it is illegal for them to prevent you from entering with your goodies to the movies. If they do not allow it, ask to speak to a person in charge and communicate the same. It is legal, the law protects you.

If again he refuses to let you pass, you must file a claim. Ask for the complaint form – they cannot refuse to give it to you – and if you can, take a photo of the informational posters. With the completed complaint form you must file a complaint at the consumer’s office, also asking an economic sanction. And be careful, because to the cinema, in this case Yelmo, You can receive up to 6,000 euros of fine.

In FACUA it is easier to carry out this complaint, since they manage many of them often and win them, something that does not usually appear in the media. Although we do know from them that it is ‘forbidden’ to put food in the cinema … differences.

Don’t be shy, take your popcorn to the movies if you want. It is legal.



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