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At the VW workforce meeting in Wolfsburg, CEO Herbert Diess campaigned for his course and the modernization of the main plant and for doing the conversion together. “Yes, I’m worried about Wolfsburg,” admitted Diess. And appealed to the employees: “Only together can we make Volkswagen future-proof! Automobilwoche publishes the text of its speech manuscript in full.”


VW boss Herbert Diess: He had to cancel his trip to the USA to appear in front of the workforce. (Photo: Volkswagen)

VW works council boss Daniela Cavallo and CEO Herbert Diess had long struggled for Diess to come to the staff meeting on Thursday. In the end, he had to cancel his planned trip to the USA in order to speak to the workforce. “The displeasure is completely appropriate,” he said, referring to the production downtimes due to the lack of chips, which mainly affect the main plant.

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