Much more than a showcar! The CUPRA UrbanRebel Looks Like On The Move, And It Sounds Like An Electric Demon

The CUPRA UrbanRebel It is one of the electric cars that has generated the most excitement since it was first revealed, among other things, due to its radical and attractive design. Dazzled in the Munich Hall and anticipates a 100% electric city car of the brand. Now, CUPRA has wanted to demonstrate with a video that its prototype is more than a full-scale model.

At the wheel, the person in charge of taking the UrbanRebel through the test tracks has not been a pilot of the brand, but the same executive vice president of the R&D division of SEAT and CUPRA: Werner Tietz.

Electric key emotion

The video is short, yes, but just a minute is enough to know that we are looking at a more than functional prototype. The sound of the car, which has a nominal power of 250 kW, which can reach up to 320 kW at times of high voltage, draws powerfully attention. Thus, the CUPRA UrbanRebel yields 335 hp and can reach up to 429 hp at specific times, thus it figures 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.2 seconds.

The CUPRA UrbanRebel Concept “represents that electrification and performance are a perfect combination,” says Tietz. Despite its length of 4 meters, the prototype has been designed with aerodynamics emphasized to the maximum to minimize drag, through elements such as large air intakes and outlets or a gigantic spoiler.

“With CUPRA’s unique adjustments to the chassis and steering, its handling is very precise and is the inspiration for series production,” says Tietz. As the brand has already advanced on previous occasions, this prototype advances the lines of what will be an urban electric car that will make up the access step to the CUPRA range.

The Cupra Urbanrebel Concept On The Move 05 Hq

We will have to wait to know what elements of your design reach the production model in 2024, beyond its proportions or the optical groups, as already confirmed.

It is foreseeable that both the versions derived from the UrbanRebel and the Volkswagen ID Life and other models of the group, end up using the same base, with the MEB platform as starting point.

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