Nike wants to enter the metaverse of Facebook, with sneakers in NFT

Since the announcement of Facebook’s very promising metaverse, some brands seem determined to invest in Mark Zuckerberg’s new virtual playground.

A few days ago, Facebook officially changed its name to Meta, and aimed to become the first company in the world to inaugurate its metaverse, a sort of virtual world that allows you to work, have fun and meet friends. In line with housing, particularly popular among video game and RPG enthusiasts, some brands are already seeking to capitalize on Mark Zuckerberg’s digital universe, by selling their own products… in the form of NFT.

NFT et metaverse

Popularized a few months ago, we no longer present the NFTs, these tamper-proof tokens that allow the establishment of tamper-proof digital property certificates based on the blockchain. Very popular in the art world, brands are increasingly interested in NFTs. A few months ago, the luxury house Gucci was selling a virtual bag more expensive than its original model IRL. Since the announcement of Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse, companies now intend to dress our virtual avatars, but also to decorate our personal digital space.

Nike letter NFT
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This is particularly the case with Nike. The sports equipment manufacturer would thus have fulfilled several requests to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, in order to deposit the Jumpman and Swoosh logos, as well as its famous slogan “Just do it”. If the sneaker giant already has these rights in the real world, this time the patent concerns “Virtual goods”, and the objects “Usable in a virtual environment”. According to the site Sneakers News, the brand would also have published several job offers aiming to recruit various profiles in design and virtual creation. A project that fits ensures the company, in the continuity “Of the digital and virtual revolution at Nike”.

In a few months, or even a few years, the sneakers, clothes and other virtual accessories imagined by the brand promise to be an integral part of our life within the metaverse. A market which should logically open up to other everyday consumer products.

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