Samsung is making a cheap 5 sqm chip

The Exynos 1280 may not be a continuation of the 1080, but a chip into more affordable phones.


While advanced manufacturing technologies in the high-end category have high speeds and therefore high power consumption and heat generation, in the lower segments, low-bandwidth and low-power chips prove to be a winning combination, with much more restrained power requirements and longer life.


However, the 5nm Exynos 1080 was not a weak chip, so it mostly appeared at the top of the upper-middle class, while the Exynos 1280 could be a classic mid-range piece with four Cortex-A78 and four Cortex-A55 processor cores and the Mali-G78MP10 GPU. . The chip could be one of three that Samsung is unveiling later this year – it could be the top-of-the-line Exynos 2200 equipped with an AMD GPU, or an upper-middle class between the two chips.

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