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Tea stays warm in Xiaomi thermoses

Xiaomi Mijia 350 ml-es thermosz

This is a simple, medium-sized thermos that is an ideal choice for one person. Fits 350 ml of beverage, which corresponds to a large mug, but if you already have more people to share it, it is not too much. That’s why we recommend it for going to everyday work, not for a family outing. The pot can keep the heat that way thanks to it double-walled, and there is a vacuum between the two layers. The inside of the thermos is easy to clean made of stainless steel made of polypropylene with a cap and sides. If we pour 95 degrees Celsius into it, then It cools to just 58 degrees in 6 hoursif the outside temperature is 20 degrees.

The design is very restrained, but that’s why it’s beautiful, too available in several colors.

Banggood is currently available in white, black and pink, a BGBWITHUS859 with coupon code only 3700 FtPrices may be different for different currencies due to the conversion rates of the webshops (eg if you set the webshop to HUF, the prices are usually higher than when set to USD). The prices indicated in the article are for information only, and in all cases the forint equivalent of the price displayed in USD (or EUR if there is no USD option) on the webshop interface (according to the interbank exchange rate valid at the time of writing).for free delivery, without VAT.

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