tech’s Christmas promises to be complicated

Both ARM and Intel executives have expressed concern over the availability of their products under the tree.

Simon Segars recently expressed his concern about the semiconductor shortage that still affects the entire industry. The CEO of ARM puts on his Grinch cape, and explains that we can expect some disappointments under the tree at the end of next month.

Fresh affirms that in some cases the waiting times can reach 60 weeks. However, we are now about fifty days before Christmas; this crisis “unprecedented“Would not be fully resolved for the 2021 holidays.”If you haven’t ordered your devices yet, you might be disappointed”, He explains to his audience at the Web Summit in Lisbon.

This shortage leaves in any case the founders perplexed and without answers. “It has never taken such proportions before”, Continues Segars. He also explains that the gap between supply and demand is at its stage “the most extreme”Since this industry was born. An analysis that share Pat Gelsinger, his counterpart from Intel; he, too, believes that the situation looks set to continue. “I don’t expect cross-country skiers to return to a healthy supply / demand ratio before 2023”, He laments.

Pandemic, electric cars and 5G

This is obviously a direct consequence of the shortage of semiconductors. These components are indeed essential for founders to produce their chips; without them, there is no CPU, GPU or even RAM to build smartphones or PCs. According to Segars, this shortage is the result of a combination of many factors, starting with the pandemic. To fight against isolation, the general public has flocked to smartphones, tablets, or any electronic device that allows you to maintain contact. Many people also needed to equip their homes to be able to work from home.

He also explains that IT is no longer the only sector to devour semiconductors by the kilotonne; it must now share these resources with the electric vehicle industry, which is also fond of them. The BBC also explains that the deployment of 5G could have played a central role, which would have pushed many countries to make huge stocks of chips.

Moral of the story: This Christmas 2021 could be quite gloomy for tech freaks. If you wanted to treat yourself to a brand new new device for the occasion, then you will have to be smart. We do not necessarily recommend that you rob sites and stores immediately; but if you want to decorate your tree with fashionable items, such as the famous Google Pixel 6, you will probably have a better chance if you do it fairly quickly.

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