The 3 theories about the Universe that challenge Science, Technology and Religion

When we talk about the origin of the Universe, what we are, where we come from and where we are going, theories begin to appear like mushrooms in the forest. We still don’t know practically anything, and although physics is helping a lot to uncover some mysteries, for each one that is solved, another five appear.

Science lovers bet on the Big Bang (backed by two key observations: the expansion of the universe and the cosmic microwave background), and we run like crazy in search of answers to that phenomenon. Creationists are also not without questions, and other circles have theories so diverse that it is worth listing them to put all the cards on the table.

– Are digital characters in a metaverse of a higher civilization. It’s a theory that’s been around for many years, and it could be true, since there’s no evidence to the contrary (yes, I hate that phrase too). The coincidences, the Déjà vu … the Matrix theory has managed to attract many fans of this theory, although it is not without questions. If we have been created by programmers from a higher civilization … Who created them? Are the laws of physics that we have the product of the imagination of programmers or are existing laws in the real world?

– The multiverse. To explain the CMB (cosmic microwave background), we turned to the Big Bang, but some scientists think that when our universe left the inflationary phase, it was just a small bubble in a huge sea of ​​space. In this theory, called “eternal inflation”, proposed by Paul Steinhardt, other bubble universes are constantly appearing in other parts of that sea, forming a “multiverse.” Those other universes may have a stronger gravity, or a different speed of light…. not known, but it could be possible. If one Universe collides with another, it could create a footprint similar to the one we detect in the cosmic microwave background (that is, it would not be a Big Bang but rather a collision between universes).

– The Cosmic ego: All the laws of physics, from gravity to electromagnetism, passing through subatomic forces, have very specific values. Any variation of those numbers would make reality as we know it impossible. Some believe that this is proof that the universe was consciously designed for human-like life to evolve. This is the egocentric anthropic theory, proposed by Nick Bostrom in his book «Anthropic bias».

There are many other various theories, many of them proposed by renowned scientists, but everything seems to indicate that we will have to wait a long time for more details to be known about what we like to call “the truth.”

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