the eagerly awaited hotfix patch has a release date

Several days ago, Konami delayed the first hotfix patch for eFootball 2022, and it now has a new release date.

This October 22, Konami announced to playerseFootball 2022 that the first corrective update game would not arrive on October 28 as planned. Instead, it would be rolled out in early November, which didn’t really give any indication of exactly when Update 0.9.1 would roll out. But since then Konami has released new information and the hotfix finally has a definitive release date.

This is therefore probably expected for November 5 on consoles and PC, if Konami’s plans don’t change by then. Version 0.9.1 will bring its share of new features and fixes, which will not be a luxury for eFootball 2022, always lowest rated game on Steam. However, Konami is not selling dreams with its update which only focuses on one essential point.

it’s about the bug fixes that have been reported by players since the game was launched. The list of fixes will only be available from the day the update is deployed. Until then, players can only hope that the title will finally be playable and with a quality worthy of the studio that until then produced the PES franchise.

Still no content?

If Konami’s announcement was succinct, it’s because the studio deliberately left out the subject of in-game content. Indeed, at its release, eFootball 2022 featured only one playable game mode, and a very small number of teams and players. Konami had promised at the time that more modes and more players would be available soon, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

However, the date currently set by Konami for the 1.0.0 update is still November 11, or less than a week after the corrective patch. According to the players, the delay of the latter could significantly impact the release date of the content update, which should also be postponed.

Additionally, gamers are not only bemoaning the many bugs, but also the overall gameplay and gameplay, which is unlikely to be fixed by Konami. For many, eFootball 2022 falls far short of its predecessor PES, which nevertheless had the audacity to place itself as a direct competitor of FIFA, the EA franchise.

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