The new MINI from 2023 is already visible in these first images. And yes, it’s still a MINI

The MINI acutual has little to do with the original Mini from 1959, beyond an aesthetic that recalls it. In its reboot from 2001 On BMW’s side, the mini was made a utility, one much larger than the original.

But at the same time it became a worldwide success for BMW and spawned a whole range of derivative models. The brand, owned by BMW, has already announced the 4th generation MINI Cooper by 2023.

Mini has given us the first official look at the next generation of the 3-door MINI, the MINI Cooper, by publishing a series of photos showing the partially camouflaged utility.

Still, the overall proportions and styling of the car are appreciated. Without a doubt, it is an evolution, rather than a revolution, as one would expect from a brand that relies on a strong visual identity. The most striking thing, in fact, is that loses the huge front overhang.

At the moment, MINI does not reveal any technical data about the future model. The brand only confirms that the new model will be marketed with both internal combustion engines and electric options.

MINI Cooper 2023 avance

MINI continues to warn that it will have to switch to the electric car, like all manufacturers, and in fact hopes that the 50% of global sales will be electric by 2027.

MINI says that cars with “highly efficient gasoline and diesel engines” will continue to be available in “groups and regions” that are not ready to make the move to the 100% electric car. That is, if there is demand, it will continue to sell MINIs for gasoline and diesel.

A customizable digital interior at will

MINI Cooper 2023 avance

A five-door variant is likely to be added to the new MINI three-door, although it is not yet confirmed. Where the 2023 NMI will be a pioneer, according to the brand, is in its completely new interior design, which uses new technologies to expand customization options.

Details have not been confirmed, but apparently the instrument panel will have surfaces that will act as “canvases that can be adapted by the customer to suit their needs”, essentially allowing the interior environment to be changed at will. .

MINI Cooper 2023 avance

The future MINI range will be completed with a pair of cars smaller than the MINI and totally new. developed in China. One of them will be the MINI Minor and the other a compact crossover located in size below the current Countryman. These two models will be manufactured in China by Great Wall Motors as part of a joint venture between the two brands.

For its part, the MINI Cooper will continue to leave the Oxford factory. The English factory will also host from 2025 the production of the convertible variant, currently manufactured by VDL Nedcar in the Netherlands.

As for the fans of the MINI John Cooper Works, the sportier version, they will still be able to count on a turbulent MINI that, in addition to a gasoline option, will have a electric version, currently in development.

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