Xiaomi opens 10,000 stores in China

While there are only two in Germany, Xiaomi has opened its 10,000 store in China.

10,000 stores – Xiaomi celebrates a new milestone

In his Twitter post, Lei Jun – founder and CEO of Xiaomi – announced the opening of the 10,000 store. The location for this special shop was probably chosen deliberately, because it is Shenzhen, the unofficial technology capital of China.

Xiaomi has established itself in its own building in the liveliest district of the city and offers its entire product range in a shop area of ​​600 square meters. The manufacturer has installed a huge 3D LED display on the outer wall in order to generate more attention and advertise on its own behalf.

In addition to the sale, the store also serves as a service point. “Customers can experience and buy almost all Xiaomi products, including the flagship smartphones, up close here.” In addition, the 10,000 store is designed according to Xiaomi’s new Xiaomi Store 4.0 “concept with a minimalist style and a futuristic technological feel.

In November 2020, Xiaomi announced a new goal: to enable every Xiaomi fan to have a Xiaomi store nearby in the future. As a result, Xiaomi New Retail has entered a phase of rapid expansion, setting a record of 27 new Xiaomi stores opened per day in mainland China. In the past 12 months, a total of almost 8,000 Xiaomi stores have been opened.

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