Amazon Alexa – move music to other devices (Amazon Music)

There is now a new function for Amazon Alexa that makes it possible to move the current music from Amazon Music to another device. So you can listen to your favorite music in the bathroom in the morning and when you’re done, you can simply move the playback to the Amazon Echo in the kitchen.

Alexa, continue music in living room!

Many Amazon Alexa users have long wanted to be able to simply move the music to another device. Now there is an update for Alexa in connection with Amazon Music, which retrofits exactly this functionality. Regardless of which of your Echo devices you are currently listening to, you can now continue to listen to this music on another device.

Alexa, push my music to kitchen!

No matter if playlist, single song or radio. With the command “move” you can easily move the music you are currently playing to another device. All you have to do is say “Alexa, put my music on [Gruppe/Gerät]”While the music is playing.

Later playback on another device is also possible. All you have to do is check the current playback with the command “Alexa, Pause”Stop on the respective device and then, for example, go to the kitchen and with the command“Alexa, resume music” start again. The last command is particularly exciting when using Echo Auto, because here it makes sense to first start the car and then continue listening to the last song from the kitchen.

Just another function that many users had to wait a long time for, but which made it a little easier to use. What do you think of the new option to move the music to another device or group with Alexa?

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