Another HomeKit desk lamp is available

The manufacturer Meross has launched another HomeKit desk lamp in a slimmer design.

Meross – one more smart desk lamp

A few weeks ago, Meross introduced a new smart desk lamp that is also compatible with HomeKit. Now the manufacturer is pushing another model right behind, which is similar in some details, but also has clear differences.

The new lamp can also be dimmed and reproduce both warm white and cold white light. If you compare the technical data of the two models, then the new lamp with a maximum of 400 lumens is significantly darker, because the first model can shine as much as 1,200 lumens.

Operation on the lamp base is also different. There is also a power button on the new lamp, but a slider instead of buttons. The flexible application possibilities due to the possibility of swiveling and tilting the desk lamp have remained the same with the new device.

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In addition to HomeKit, control is also possible via the Meross app or by voice via Alexa and the Google Assistant. The price is just under 60 euros, with a 10% discount at the start of sales.

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