Conga Rockstar 1500 Ultimate ErgoWet

The still quite new cordless vacuum cleaner Conga Rockstar 1500 Ultimate ErgoWet from Cecotec will be withdrawn from the market.

Cecotect is removing cordless vacuum cleaners from its range

The Spanish manufacturer Cecotect is a real size in Spain and has a large number of different household appliances in its range. Vacuum robots, cordless vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaners are also included. The company recently presented the new Conga Rockstar 1500 cordless vacuum cleaner series, which comes with a particularly large number of accessories and high suction power.

Image: Cecotec

The Conga Rockstar 1500 Ultimate ErgoWet model was already sent to me by the manufacturer to produce a video for YouTube. As I was informed today, the device mentioned will be withdrawn from the range. I wasn’t told what the reason is.

The cordless vacuum cleaner definitely looks really good on paper and is really strong with a specified suction power of 230 AirWatt. The accessories include a lot of different attachments and there is also a wiping attachment. The Conga Rockstar 1500 Ultimate ErgoWet is still listed in the Cecotect shop and can be ordered. So what is behind the removal from the range remains unclear.


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