Electric cars can have manual transmission, although it may not make much sense

The first thing to know about this is that, most electric cars they don’t have gearbox and, therefore, they do not have a clutch either, that makes their driving the closest thing to that of an autonomous car. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put a gearbox on an electric car.

Obviously, all those who are already familiar with a manual transmission know how it works, and they know that internal combustion engines only generate efficient power in certain ranges of revolutions per minute (RPM).

On the other hand, electric cars do not require a gear system due to the electric motor, since these deliver power immediately.

In fact, electric cars have a gear

Manual electric car

This means that, then, electric cars cannot have a gearbox? Yes, they can, but it can become meaningless. In fact, electric cars do They have a gear and are used to regulate the electric motor.

Currently on the market there are very few electric cars that have manual transmission and, one of them, is the Porsche Taycan, which has a two speed gearbox. And it’s not the only one.

In fact, at the beginning of the competition, Formula E cars They had a gearbox with at least five gears, something that over the years has been first reduced and, later, eliminated.

An electric car can be manual

For example, this is the case of the Renault team that, in the 2016 season, had a manual gearbox, but not with cams (hydraulic gearbox) as competition vehicles usually carry, if not through a traditional system, thanks to a cable. The change of a lifetime.

Both the system of the Porsche Taycan and the Renault Formula E, it is a change with two gears where one second gear is necessary when you want to reach high speeds.

Although in the French car it has already been eliminated, in the case of the Porsche car it has equipped the Taycan with a second gear to be able to maintain a speed of more than 200 km / h on an Autobahn without involving high consumption.

It is a system that little by little has been eliminated from the competition because, adds complexity and weight to electric cars and does not add much, other than the taste you have for driving with a manual transmission.

This type of change could also be seen in the Ford Mustang Lithium, which has a six-speed manual transmission, although it is a prototype and is not for sale.

Manual electric car

Having a manual gear system provides that feeling of being in command while driving and not just a mere passenger. In addition, much of the charm of the driving is thanks to the gear system.

So yes, a manual gearbox may not make much sense, but it does provide a driving style that car fans can’t live without. As they say sometimes, passion ignores reason.

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