Error with some Windows 11 functions was caused by an expired security certificate

Microsoft has started warning Windows 11 users that certain operating system features are not loading properly, due to an expired certificate. Through these components, in simplified terms, authentication and encryption credentials are managed for the execution of processes.

The certificate that caused this problem expired on October 31. Microsoft advises that some Windows 11 users may not be able to open applications such as the Snipping Tool, Touch Pad, or Emoji Panel.

Errors with Windows 11 tools

There is a patch available to fix some of the issues, but it is currently in preview, meaning that your only way to get it is manually from Windows Update. The update package KB4006746, it will fix problems with the touch keyboard, voice typing, emoji panel, and problems with the getting started and tips sections of Windows 11.

Despite the above, the Microsoft patch does not resolve the problems with the system’s built-in snipping app. “To mitigate the problem with the snipping tool, use the Print Screen key on your keyboard and paste the screenshot into your document”, recommends Microsoft. “You can also paste it into Paint to select and copy the section you want”.

In recent times, this has not been the only problem with Windows 11. Weeks ago, Microsoft had to issue a patch to optimize the performance of AMD CPUs, whose capacities could be reduced by up to 15% in games.

Regarding the current situation, it is not clear how many Windows 11 users have been compromised by these problems. In the absence of the arrival of a definitive fix through an update, a momentary solution to mitigate this problem is to change the date of the system to October 30 of this year, the expiration limit of the certificate involved. The cumbersome thing about this is that the date change would have to be applied only to unlock the damaged functions and then, it is necessary to return to the current date, so as not to compromise correct access to the Internet or other tools.

Outside of Snipping Tool, these issues have spread to the Windows 11 settings panel in S mode and the input methods user interface.

For its part, Microsoft indicated that they are seeking to resolve this issue, but without specifying further details. “We are working on a resolution for the Snipping Tool and S mode that is having issues and will provide an update when more information is available”commented from the company.

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