I mean it! Porsche is very close to entering Formula 1 by 2025: “We are seriously considering it”

It is the most recurrent story of recent years in Formula 1. The VAG Group’s entry into the premier category of motorsport With some of his brands, he has caused rivers of ink to flow and many speculations around him, but for the first time there are serious signs that they could become a reality.

Specifically, it seems that Porsche is the brand called to enter Formula 1 in the coming years. So confirmed the facts that were happening and now directly confirmed by an authorized voice within the brand, Thomas Laudenbach, Vice President of Competition at Porsche.

Porsche and Audi have been to Formula 1 biker meetings

Thomas Laudenbach

It is not a secret that we are talking to the FIA And it’s no secret that we’re, let’s say, seriously considering it. But there is still no decision made, “Laudenbach said openly in an interview with Autosport magazine. It is the confirmation of something that was already in the environment of Formula 1.

The VAG Group has been present at the Formula 1 bikers meetings that they have been performing during the last months, and they have also had two votes. Not only Porsche, but it seems that Audi is also keen to enter Formula 1, although it is probably just a ruse.

Mclaren Porsche

In addition to the official words of Porsche, the main reason to believe in the entry of the VAG Group into Formula 1 is that it is more necessary than ever, and the rest of the brands are doing their part to make it happen. Red bull need a biker behind the Honda amazed, and neither Renault, nor Ferrari, nor Mercedes would be comfortable being so.

“From what I know, a lot of things are going in the right direction with regards to Formula 1: electrification or the electrical part of the powertrain is important. We would like to see more standard parts on the motor and freedom from electrical parts. Many of the factors I mention could be coming true, “Laudenbach continues.


Speculation suggests that the VAG Group could enter Formula 1 with a double track. On the one hand, creating your own team with the Porsche name and identity, and on the other hand supply engines to Red Bull under the Audi trade name, although they were the same as those of the Porsche team.

The vice president of Porsche concludes by explaining that “one thing is clear, if such a decision is made, you cannot expect too much because if you want to run in 2025 or 2026 you have to start at a certain time. That’s where we are. “When the agreement for the 2025 engines is made official, we could have an official announcement.

Porsche wants to put its LMDh on track before Christmas

Porsche Lmdh

Although Formula 1 could be the most important thing, it is not the only thing that Porsche has on its sporting horizon. In 2023 they have already announced that will race in the WEC with an LMDh, and Laudenbach confirms that they maintain the plan to put the car on track before next Christmas, although “we are a little tight on time”.

The other open front for Porsche is Formula E, where they have a commitment to run ten seasons, but the disbandment of brands I could change that plan. “Entering Formula 1 would have an impact on the different programs”explains Laudenbach. They will only run five Formula E seasons by 2025, but there could be no more.

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