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Industrial dry-wet vacuum cleaner on sale from Topshak

With 20 liter tank has the Topshak TS-VC1, into which we can gather a lot of dust and even a whole puddle. Its suction power is 16 kPawhich doesn’t seem like much, and that 1000 watts of power not rude, but videos show that he has no problem sucking in larger screws and – with a little exaggeration – complete workshops.

It operates from a 230V mains socket, the cable is 4.5 meters and the machine itself 329x324x470 millimeters. It can absorb dust and wet things or a mixture of these. Separate extra feature to it can not only suck but also blow. Plastic wheels were placed at the bottom to pull, and solid pliers were placed at the top to lift.

They also add an extension tube, a flexible hose, several reducers, a floor cleaning head, a washable filter and a paper dust bagthat you don’t have to use. In terms of equipment and strength, roughly a For Karcher WD3 could be compared, but much cheaper. Available from stock in the Czech Republic BGDBG04 with a coupon code of just 16,000 FtPrices may be different for different currencies due to the conversion rates of webshops (eg if you set the webshop to HUF, the prices are usually higher than when you set it to USD). The prices indicated in the article are for information purposes only, and in all cases the forint equivalent of the price displayed in USD (or EUR if there is no USD option) on the webshop interface (according to the interbank exchange rate valid at the time of writing).for. The price already includes VAT and the handling cost is included.

You might want to watch a video about it to see what it can do:

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