Monday 20 the new cargo bike made in France by Mustache

Mustache presents a new electric-assisted bicycle on the “Monday 20”, the perfect replacement for a car, but for the same price.

The French brand Mustache had already done very well by leaving the electric-assisted bicycle “Monday 27” but she does it again this year with “Monday 20”. This new model of cargo bike is the ultimate solution “To do without a car on a daily basis” says the young French company. After the great success of Mustache for more than 10 years in the world of electric bikes, this new model keeps the DNA of the brand, while offering a more elongated format, also called longtail. Thanks to this new style, the “Monday 20” is able to run both empty and fully loaded, which offers a load capacity of 200 kilograms.

Thanks to the new Bosch engine, specially designed for cargo bikes, Mustache offers a model with progressive acceleration, which adapts and allows any type of load to be transported even at low speed. The brand stands out with this new model by offering a level of customization never before achieved on a bike like this. With 20-inch wheels, the brand promises a manoeuvrable bike in all situations, regardless of the load it carries.

With a height of 185 centimeters, the bike may at first seem huge, but ultimately, when you compare it to other equivalent models, it is quite compact. Mustache promises that it is possible to ” sneak through the urban jungle “Thanks to a driving position called” ultra comfortable “. With a seat post offering no less than 40 mm of suspension, and reinforced tires to limit the jolts of the road, the brand has given itself the means of its ambitions with regard to the comfort of its users. .

Four versions for all tastes

In terms of configuration, Mustache offers four different models, the first two offer hydraulic brakes as well as a Shimano Deore 10-speed transmission. But when we turn to the most upscale models, Mustache then puts the small dishes in the big ones with a Magura hydraulic disc brake system, as well as SchwalbePick-Up tires. The best, or almost, in the world of cycles.

With a model that figures at € 4,599 in its basic version and € 6,999 in the one that is the most upscale, Monday 20 wants to be the replacement for a car in town. He would even copy the price to perfect its resemblance to four-wheel models. If the new Mustache “Monday 20” seduced you, they are already available on the brand’s website, with delivery scheduled for early 2022.

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