SEAT can now choose between three locations to install its long-awaited battery factory, and two are in Catalonia

According to the Reuters news agency, the Catalan Government has offered SEAT “at least” two locations so that it can choose where to lift. the long-awaited electric car battery factory to be built in Spain together with Iberdrola.

Aragon has also entered the game, proposing a possible place for the plant. At stake, a juicy game of 4.3 billion euros from EU recovery aid funds.


According to Reuters sources, the Generalitat of Catalonia has offered SEAT “a large extension of publicly owned land around Lleida”, as well as land in Tarragona.

SEAT has also been offered a piece of land in Huesca, but at the moment nothing has been decided.

They are all strategic locations that would make it possible to connect the Martorell plant (in Barcelona) with the Volkswagen plant in Navarra, so that the manufactured batteries can efficiently reach the electric cars that are manufactured.

The goal is to produce more than 500,000 urban electric cars a year in Martorell, but the German conglomerate has made the plant’s transformation plans contingent, as has the construction of the first electric car battery factory in Spain, European Next Generation recovery funds you can get to partially finance the development.

Almost 70,000 million euros of European recovery funds, for Spain


In August, the European Commission announced that it had already sent € 9 billion to Spain from pandemic recovery funds, which is equivalent to 13% of the country’s financial allocation under the Recovery and Resilience Fund.

It is expected that by the end of the year Spain will receive another 10,000 million, reaching a total of 69,500 million euros, which consist entirely of subsidies, during the term of its plan.

Funds that must be destined to ensure a green transition, and social cohesion, and that will only be released if the Government demonstrates every six months that it meets the requirements of Brussels.

The objectives of the Pedro Sánchez Government are to reach a fleet of at least 250,000 electric vehicles in 2023 and more than 100,000 recharging points.

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