Stadia begins allowing access to multiplayer games without invitation

Stadia, Google’s cloud game streaming service, is struggling to bring the most basic functions to users, as well as the odd function promised in its early days.

In this sense, as part of the trickle of arrival of functions to the platform, it is now the turn so that users can join active multiplayer games without having to receive prior invitations to do so.

Delivering on something they promised almost two years ago

It is a new privacy option that is disabled by default and must be activated in the privacy settings, being able to choose between any user of the platform, or only friends themselves, in both cases from the profile of the user who has started the session of the play.

To do this, as we say, you have to go to the privacy settings, and in Your Activity / Current Game, activate the switch, defining that “All players” or only “Friends” can join.

For now, Stadia contemplates this possibility, when the function is activated, to “selected games”, although it names in your support page only to Far Cry 6.

As specified Stadia on a support page:

Multiplayer games like Far Cry 6 allow other players to join the game directly from your profile without having to invite them. This feature is only available in some games and is disabled by default.

Presumably, over time this new possibility will be extended to other titles in its game catalog.

And on the eve of the new Christmas season, it is also to be expected that the company can also make other changes in order to win the favor of those who are looking for a cloud gaming platform with which they and / or their families can spend leisure time.

It will be a matter of waiting to see if in the face of these news the batteries are put a little more.

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