the ultimate trailer is out … the end is approaching for the Professor

The end of La Casa de Papel is coming to Netflix very soon. By then, a trailer has already been released to keep fans waiting.

The countdown begins. While the Spanish series, which began 4 years ago, was initially supposed to take no more than a small share of the national audience on the other side of the Pyrenees, the success was colossal. Since its arrival on Netflix, the series has become cult. She dethroned all the sacred monsters of the Red N, before, herself, surrendering her throne a few weeks ago for a new South Korean.

But all good things must end. If the series is as popular as ever, fans of the first hour regret certain choices of the realization. Indeed, the last seasons, although they still do very good audience figures, no longer seduce as the first two parts had been able to do.

Faced with this fed up that is mounting under the red suits of the fans, the directors of the series have decided to put an end to it, a decision taken many months ago already, during the creation of this fifth and final part. Divided into two volumes, The Money Heist will finally know its epilogue at the end of this year 2021. Very precisely it is next December 3 that the series is expected to end in final episodes of The Professor’s Tape.

In order to increase the pressure before the broadcast of the last episodes of the series, Netflix has just offered on its YouTube channel a trailer of what the end of the series could look like.

In the latter we find all the actors who made the glory of The Money Heist, like a final bouquet. The professor, played by Alvaro Morte, will obviously be at the heart of the plot once again. A true cornerstone of the series, he is the face of the series and single-handedly embodies the whole gang.

But in the few synopsis lines released by Netflix, nothing seems to be going well for the latter. He who will make “the biggest mistake of his life” during the last episodes of the series. Under tension, the most famous group of robbers in the world will therefore have to take up the challenge of bringing out the gold that they took so long to melt. Will they succeed in another heist of the century? Will the Spanish police eventually regain the upper hand? Reply December 3 on Netflix.

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