Toxic Bro Culture: Fired Manager Sues Rivian

The allegations that Laura Schwab makes are grave. The experienced automotive manager was hired as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at the US electric car start-up Rivian in November of last year, and less than a year later she was fired because of an alleged reorganization of the management team. However, she does not believe in this justification. Instead, Schwab says the reason for her dismissal was the “toxic bro culture” in the company, which she denounced to the HR department a few days before she was kicked out. She has therefore now sued the manufacturer in California.

During her time at Rivian, she was repeatedly not invited to important meetings, even though some of these fell within her area of ​​responsibility; and when she raised problems, the “Old Boys’ Club”, as she called her superiors, simply ignored her despite her experience. “I complained to the human resources department about the gender discrimination of my manager,” writes Schwab in one “Medium” blog entry: “About the boys club culture and the impact it had on me, my team and the company. Two days later my boss fired me.”

“Blatant Exclusion”

Based on her 20 years of experience in the automotive industry – most recently at Aston Martin Lagonda and before that at Jaguar Land Rover – Schwab has expressed concerns about the pricing of the models and production deadlines, but no one has wanted to listen to them. “The Chief Commercial Officer only reacted when my (often less experienced) male colleagues expressed exactly the same ideas,” she writes in her statement. “In all my years in the auto industry, I’ve never seen such blatant marginalization.”

Schwab also explicitly attacks the company’s founder, RJ Scaringe, who has surrounded himself with a tight-knit group of men. Many of these men in top positions would have worked together at other companies before and then brought each other to Rivian, even though some of them had little or no experience in the automotive industry. Rivian has so far not commented on the allegations. (mer)

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