Valencia already has 22 charging points for electric cars in its streetlights

The city of Valencia is the first in all of Spain to have chargers for electric cars on streetlights. The project, which it was announced in december last year, concluded on Wednesday and now the Valencian capital has 22 charging points in its streetlights.

It is a system “with many advantages, and which is a fundamental step to advance towards our commitment to make València a decarbonized city in the 2030 horizon“, said Joan Ribó, mayor of Valencia, in statements collected by Europa Press.

Each street lamp will have two intakes

Charging points in street lamps

In total, 22 chargers have been installed, which are located in Amadeo de Saboya streets (in the Tabacalera municipal building), where four chargers have been enabled in two streetlights and a total of 28 kW of simultaneous charging; Pintor Vilar street (Alboraya street area); Conde Altea, 28 (Cánovas); Calle del General Sanmartín, 7, and Calle de Santa Rosa (School of Gardening).

Next to each lamppost, they have been enabled two parking spaces with the electric charge symbol. These zones will be enabled for those who have an electric or plug-in hybrid car. of for recharging the vehicles, taking into account that this recharge will be charged for energy consumption.

In addition, chargers have been enabled on plates or photovoltaic gazebos in the Solar Square of the Malvarrosa Sports Center, (Mendizábal street); in the Cabanyal, Rojas Clemente and Castilla markets, and in the Plaza de Miguel Adlert Noguerol. At these points a fast charging point with two 22 kW maximum power sockets each.

The project is called Humble Lamp Post, and is designed both to facilitate the charging of an electric car on public roads as well as the exploitation of goods, since, as mentioned above, the use of this installation will entail a charge for the user.

The advantage of using streetlights and photovoltaic panels as a recharging point is that the electrical installation has already been completed. In addition, a formula that has already been used in different European cities such as London o la Dutch city of Arnhem.

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