Amazon Alexa is celebrating its 6th birthday with a competition

Amazon Alexa has been around in Germany for 6 years now. If you look across the pond, it would even be 7 years, because Amazon Alexa already existed in the USA a year earlier. In Germany, Alexa’s 6th birthday is now being celebrated with a small quiz where you can win a € 20 voucher for the site.

Alexa, happy birthday! – This is how you start the quiz

With a own page on the competition is announced. The quiz game will run from November 5th to 7th at 11:59 p.m. when you congratulate Alexa on her birthday. First Amazon Alexa tunes in a little song, then the quiz starts, consisting of five simple questions.

You can only take part in the draw if all five questions have been answered correctly. If you fail with the quite simple questions, the quiz will otherwise end. But don’t worry, you can always restart the quiz and the questions will stay the same. So it should have worked after 5 attempts at the latest. Since you are logged in with your Amazon account, you do not need to provide any further information. Amazon already has the necessary data.

“Alexa, happy birthday”

A total of 20 vouchers with a value of € 20 will be raffled off. So the chance of winning is relatively small but not impossible. Just try it out and either it works or it doesn’t. You can find the conditions of participation at this side, or in the app when you started the quiz.

Incidentally, all Echo devices or FireTV are currently available on offer:

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