how to know which badge corresponds (or not) to a second hand car

Environmental sustainability is an issue on the order of the day and in motor vehicles it is one of the main actors to which the magnifying glass is put in this regard. In Spain a sticker has been created for the cars that pollute the least.

In 2016 the DGT began to send these adhesives to the owners of vehicles that met certain conditions for polluting emissions. But what do these badges mean? Which cars can carry it? How do I know if my car is entitled to one of these stickers?

A boost to environmental policies


This environmental mark classifies cars according to their energy efficiency taking into account their environmental impact. The purpose of this badge is positively discriminate less polluting cars, in order to help municipal corporations in promoting environmental policies, either through mobility restrictions or tax benefits.

This sticker was sent to all drivers who had a car that met these conditions during 2016. Since that year, when registering a new car, this sticker was also received directly.

This sticker should be positioned in the lower right corner of the windshield Forward. In the case of a motorcycle, it can be placed in any visible part of the vehicle.

Wear this sticker not mandatory for cars that may have this badge, its installation is totally voluntary and cars that do not carry it may not be penalized. Of course, in the event that there is some type of restriction, by not carrying this sticker that identifies them, they could also suffer these mobility restrictions.

The four types of DGT badges

Emissions Sticker

There are four types of environmental badge:

  • Label 0 emissions: More efficient vehicles in the fleet. They are entitled to this badge: battery electric vehicles (BEV), extended range electric vehicles (REEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) with a range of 40 km or fuel cell vehicles.
  • ECO label: The next in efficiency scale. They are entitled to this label: plug-in electric vehicles with autonomy of less than 40 km, non-plug-in hybrids (HEV), vehicles powered by natural gas and gas (CNG and LNG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). As long as they meet the criteria of label C.
  • Label C, green: These are internal combustion vehicles that comply with the latest EURO emissions. They are entitled to this label: passenger cars and light petrol vans registered from January 2006 and diesel from September 2015, vehicles with more than 8 seats and heavy both gasoline and diesel that have been registered since 2014.
  • Label B, yellow: This last label is for internal combustion vehicles that do not comply with the latest EURO regulations, but do comply with the previous ones. Passenger cars and light petrol vans registered since January 1, 2001 and diesel as of 2006, vehicles with more than 8 seats and heavy both petrol and diesel that have been registered since 2006 will be entitled to this label.

The rest of the vehicles do not have any type of distinctive because they do not meet the requirements.

How to know if a car is entitled to have the badge

0 Sticker

It is strange that a car that has the right to carry this sticker does not have it affixed to the front windshield. Most likely, that car is not entitled to that badge. Stranger are the cases in which the owner has not received the sticker or does not want to put it on for aesthetic reasons.

Anyway, in the event that the second-hand car that we want to buy does not have the sticker and we want to check if it is entitled to it, we can do the consultation via internet.

Although the system is somewhat archaic and not very up to date, we can do this check through the DGT Statistical Portal. Once inside, if we click on ‘Download the environmental badge file’, we will download a compressed .zip folder with a .txt file inside that contains all the license plates of the cars that are currently registered in Spain.

Logically, the file is very long as well as very simple. In order not to have to go exploring the file until we find our license plate, we can use the shortcut CTRL + F that will open a search engine in which we can enter the license plate of the car that we want to consult.

After the registration, the type of badge that you can carry appears in an abbreviated way, having several options:

  • 16TB or 16MB: Label B, yellow
  • 16TC or 16MC: Label C, green.
  • 16TE: Eco label.
  • 16T0 or 16M0: Label 0 emissions, blue.

In the case of having the right to this sticker and not having it, no problem to request it. It can be done through post offices, network of workshops of the Spanish Confederation of workshops (CETRAA), administrative managers and the Institute of Automotive Studies (IDEAUTO). This request has a cost of 5 euros in which possible shipping costs are not included.


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