In Australia, so much solar energy has been produced that it has exceeded the demand of the electricity grid, leaving negative prices

In the southern part of Australia it has been possible to have a “negative demand” in electricity thanks to the sunlight from the photovoltaic panels on the roofs.

The company in charge of providing this energy, SA Power Network, has registered registered for several days between September and October because the production of electricity with the solar panels was higher than the demand for electricity on the grid.

A maximum of four hours

In other words, thanks to the solar panels installed in the homes of the South Australian population, it has been possible to produce more solar energy than what has been consumed.

The first negative record that the Australian company received was on September 26, when for 2 and a half hours, there was a load below zero, of menos 30 MW. And this happened for several more days in the month of October.

Solar demand in Australia leaves electricity negative

On October 2 and 17 there was also a negative charge to the electricity grid, but it was last October 31 when the record was set. Energy demand was negative during at least four hours and came to mark a 69 MW minimum.

If you look at the graph, you have to take into account that this extra production by the solar panels it has been on the weekend, where the electricity demand may have been lower than any other day of the week.

In fact, during the rest of the hours on those days, it has been possible to see how the demand has been much higher and what happened during those periods of time has been somewhat isolated. But who knows if, thanks to solar energy, you can depend less and less on the electricity grid.

At the moment, the use of solar panels in homes It can help to lower the electricity bill, but for now you will always depend on a connection to the grid, since the energy produced by these photovoltaic panels may still not be enough, but perhaps this shows the trend of the future.

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